Tag selector

Tag selector

When searching for resources on Hive, you typically select tags for which kinds of things you want to find. We've had that for many years. Here's a screenshot of today's version:

But not too long ago, a member suggested that we had the same option but for excluding tags. The most simple integration of this would be to just duplicate the tag selector and call it 'Exclude tag' but this would be a huge duplication of user interface and is not elegant at all.

What I've come up with after attempting a bit of design work is this:

Which allows you to include, do nothing and exclude. All in a quite simple UI. Both interfaces had the tag title be a <label> tag. It still is, but only for inclusion. To exclude you still need to tick the little 'x' manually.

This feels like the right approach and I hope users will understand the implication that , - and x mean include, do nothing and exclude. We'll see when the migration is launched.