Simplify daily spam cleaning on Hive

Simplify daily spam cleaning on Hive

There are some things I do almost daily on Hive Workshop, one of them is deleting advertisements posted by bots. When registering on the site, you are in a trial period which means your posts need approval. This makes it so no user ever experiences spam. No user except for the staff. We get A LOT of spam. It looks like this:

All spammers post their link in the thread title. An easy tell that this is spam.

Now, I could just make a script that ticks the 'Delete' button on all of these posts in moderation, but I tend to click the username and hit the 'Spam' button which deletes the account and all content posted by it:

But this is tedious and sometimes I have to go through 30-40 posts.

As a programmer I like to write scripts to simplify daily tasks, but I am also quite hesitant because I know this time is not always well spent. I figured the simplest way to script my way out of this was to write the following and save it as a bookmarklet:

javascript: void (() => {
	const spamCleanerUrls = {};
	$('.pageContent .xenForm fieldset').each((i, fieldset) => {
		const input = $(fieldset)
		const anchor = $(fieldset)
		if (input && input.value.startsWith('http') && anchor) {
			 * Convert
			 * To
			const url = anchor.href.replace('/members/', '/spam-cleaner/');
			spamCleanerUrls[url] = true;

	Object.keys(spamCleanerUrls).map(link =>;

Which scans all the posts in the Moderation Queue and opens a tab with the Spam Cleaner for every post with a title starting with http. I can then click the 'Clean Up' button with the mouse and close the tab with cmd+w in rapid succession without much thinking or interaction.

This will definitely save me some time. This is a lot of help as it saves me a lot of clicks and saves me from going through each item and judging whether it is spam.

Your move, spam bots.